Website Translation

Website Translation

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Website translation requires an excellent understanding of the structure and elements that make up a website, as well as the ability to handle different types of files (HTML, CSS, etc.). At Traductions Laurent Chevrette, the use of state-of-the-art CAT tools allows us to handle all types of files needed to translate your website. We work closely with the web development agency and your marketing team to offer you creative marketing translations tailored to your objectives.

Support for all file types on your website

Streamlined collaboration with your marketing team and Web agency

Tailor-made creative marketing translations

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French or English?

In Quebec, French is the word, but is it enough?

Others say that English is enough, but is that really the case? The most recent census reveals that only 18% of Canadians speak both languages and that about 4 million of them speak only French. In Quebec, only 2 out of 5 people are bilingual. A unilingual French site therefore excludes 24 million potential clients (!) in Canada alone. Similarly, a unilingual English Web site prevents you from reaching more than half of Quebecers. Read more about it in our blog article here.

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