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Neural Machine Translation Post-Editing

Significant savings in both time and money

Our savvy use of neural machine translation (NMT) saves you time and money. We use NMT to pre-translate your texts, then we post-edit them to correct any mistakes, adapt them as needed and do a final proofreading. The correction process involves using customer-specific terminology databases and previous translations (translation memories) to ensure only the best results. Your editorial standards are preserved and quality is guaranteed. If you want to save time on your professional translations, we should talk!

Time savings thanks to our adaptive MT solution

Intuitive tools that mine your previous translations

Integrated compliance with your professional translation standards

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Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

So what exactly is NMT?

NMT is the latest trend in Machine Translation (MT), a field that is still a niche compared to its human counterpart but is growing fast. NMT uses neural networks to automatically translate source texts (e.g. English) into other languages, without human intervention. The system can then be trained and adjusted to deliver even better results over time. It outperforms previous MT engines (SMT, hybrid) and its fluency level approaches human translation in some language pairs. Read more on our blog here.

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