In the translation industry, new technological solutions are regularly released and it is sometimes difficult for a company to find its way around. In this article, we will compare two computer-aided translation (CAT) solutions: Lilt and memoQ server.

Lilt, a completely infonuagic solution, offers several unique advantages, but also has some disadvantages, like any software solution. Lilt tracks productivity for each translator by calculating the number of words translated per hour. This feature is very useful for project managers who wish to plan the distribution of a set of documents over time and among several translators. As far as file format support is concerned, Lilt is a bit limited, but still supports the main file formats, including Microsoft Office Suite. As for the interface, it is very intuitive, but does not allow users (translators) to add entries to the terminology database. Lilt’s exclusive automated translation engine is intelligent and learns from translators’ corrections in real time. The Lilt platform is often criticized for being heavy and slow to load, which can slow down the translators’ work.

memoQ server, a server-client solution running on Windows, also offers the possibility to work in the cloud in a web interface, for Mac users, for example. Featuring a powerful range of tools and options, this software suite offers advanced users the ability to customize a multitude of settings. Integrating translation memories, text alignment, terminology databases, term extraction and much more, memoQ is a complete solution for translation agencies that want complete control over their project management. It is also possible to integrate other services such as Plunet for billing or automated translation engines such as DeepL Pro. The price of a memoQ server suite may seem high for a starting agency, but the expense will quickly be offset by productivity gains.

Although there are a multitude of other CAT solutions available, we believe that these two products are the best options for small to medium sized translation agencies right now.

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