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“We are very happy with Laurent. He is one of our best translators and a great professional: high quality, punctual, trustworthy. We recommend him without hesitation.”

Christian Feldermann (PhD)
McFelder Translations

“Laurent is a true professional. (…) He was very responsive and quick to confirm everything, gave frequent status updates, and went above and beyond to help us meet our rush deadlines. I am happy to give Laurent my wholehearted endorsement!”

Allie Browne
Mother Tongue Writers

“Laurent is an absolute joy to work with—he is responsive, thorough, and very detail oriented. I look forward to continuing our working relationship.”

Maggie Renfro
GM Voices


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We use the latest translation technologies to save you time and money. And we leverage our global network of certified language professionals to meet even your most urgent translation needs. Our multi-step revision process ensures excellent translations every time.

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Our technical team has hands-on experience so you know your translations are accurate.

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We use neural machine translation to pre-translate documents and correct them.

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We adapt your marketing content to the target market and audience.

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From contracts to creative work, our translations power your business.

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Develop new markets with translations tailored to the local audience.

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From Europe to South America, we adapt our translations to each culture.

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Our translators capture the nuances of each region and variant.

Laurent Chevrette

Founder and CEO

Laurent Chevrette - Multilingual translation services

Laurent Chevrette holds a Bachelor of Science in medicine from Université de Montréal. After working as a scientific translator, he founded OXO Translations in 2011. He has recently become interested in the rapid advances being made in computer-assisted translation technologies. So, in order to offer the most cutting-edge translation services, he founded Laurent Chevrette Translations.

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Laurent Chevrette Translations

Certified technical and multilingual translation services

Laurent Chevrette Translations offers translation services in over 50 languages and we are able to accommodate other languages as well so contact us for a quote!

We specialize in rush translation and post-editing machine translation for catalogues, website and other large volumes of text where a fast turnaround is required.

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Le Chevrette 2018 – Translation Terminology

Le Chevrette 2018 – Translation Terminology

Adaptation The act of translating and modifying a text so that it is adapted to a given audience, culture or context. Translation agency/cabinet Company that possess human, material and technological resources to manage a multilingual project from A to Z,...

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Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

So, what exactly is NMT? NMT (Neural Machine Translation) is the latest trend in automated translation, a field that remains a niche compared to its human counterpart, but is experiencing strong growth around the world. NMT uses neural networks to automatically...

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